GAOHR Group Q1 Quarterly Meeting Ended Successfully

Release date:2020-03-06
【Abstract】On the afternoon of May 5, 2018, GAOHR Group Q1 Quarterly Meeting opened in the No.1 conference report hall of Jiangsu Guoxin Institution, Group Chairman Gavin, Group President Even and General Manager Eric and Business Director Luo Yu participate in this conference.

On May 5, 2018, the Q1 quarterly meeting of GAOHR Group opened in the No.1 meeting report hall of Jiangsu Guoxin Institute, and Group Chairman Gavin, Group President Even, General Manager Eric and Business Director Luo Yu participate in this conference.  


In this quarterly meeting, the teams and individuals with outstanding performance in the first quarter in 2018 were recommended and awarded. Gavin, the Group Chairman, delivered an speech to the meeting. Gavin highlighted the new corporate culture of the Group, that is, to be committed to become the world’ leading human resource service provider with the mission of serving enterprises, candidates and employees! The following is a speech by Even, Group President. Even told us about the new development strategy of the company; in the next five years, GAOHR Group will focus on expanding overseas market, and build a global market strategic layout with London, England as the overseas market center, radiating Europe, America and Asia, in order to achieve GAOFAN’s high vision: to become an international leading human resources provider. At last, the General Manager Eric and the Business Director Roy delivered a speech separately. Eric reviewed the growth point in the first quarter, and figured out the work deployment and progress in the second quarter; Roy first congratulated the teams and consultants who won a prize in the first quarter, hoping them to make persistent efforts and strive for better results in the next quarter. He also explained how to cultivate the core customers in the team, which won the bursts of applause.


The road of growth cannot be separated from the accompaniment of learning. Of course, this also cannot be separated from the experience of sharing and inheritance. During this conference, Huang Meng, the manager of CC57 Department and the partner, shared the skills of “OFFER Negotiation”, and talked about his experience in negotiation for new headhunters. Huang Meng’s sharing has benefited a lot of headhunters, and has guided many new ideas for inexperience headhunters.

Next was the time for award. First of all, the host announced the performance ranking in the Q1 quarter and awarded to outstanding teams and individuals. The laurels of the “Top 1 Payment Collection” of the Headhunting Department was won by fellows in the CC11 Department, the “Top 1 Order Signing + Payment Collection” of the Client Department was won by BD 10 Department, and the “Top 1 Payment Collection by Individual” of headhunting was won by Zhang Yanjun, Director of CC28 Department; and the “Top 1 Order Signing by Individual” of headhunting was won by Hou Yuju from BD 8 Department, the “Fastest Progress Award of the Client Department” was won by Wan Ying from the 13 Department, and the “Best Newcomer Award of Client Department” was won by Tang Qian from the 8 Department. The editor believes that the success cannot be achieved without hard work, and we should follow their example, learn from them, close to them, and create profits for the company while realizing self-value. 


The excitement of awarding has not passed yet. Even, our president, brought new benefits to everyone, and personally gave a lecture on the “Science of Success”. First of all, Even explained how we define success in GAOFAN, and made everyone have a full understanding of the definition of success in a pleasant atmosphere through many small examples. At the same time, Even explained GAOFAN’s mission and values, so that employees can deeply understand GAOFAN’s corporate culture, and motivate employees to strive for success.  


The Q1 quarter meeting of GAOHR Group in 2018 ended in a cheer. 2018 will be a year of rapid progress for GAOFAN. As a part of GAOFAN, we have the same dreams and pursuits, and we hope that we can work together to gain a lot in the future days.

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