Goddess Day on March 8th, Looking Forward to Your Joining to GAOHR Goddess!

Release date:2020-03-06
【Abstract】In the workplace, women tend to be more stressed than men. They have to give consideration to both t...

In the workplace, women tend to be more stressed than men. They have to give consideration to both the family and work. Most of the time, they have several posts simultaneously. They have to work independently in the day, and have to take up the responsibility of the mother and wife after coming back home. The fast pace and rapid life makes it rare for them to stop and leave some time to care for themselves.  

“Women and men holding up the sky together” has been widely accepted. Take Alibaba as an example, 35% of Ali’s founders are women, 34% of senior managers are women, and 52% of the company’s employees are women. Women spend 15% more time at home than men, while 9% less than men at work. After stepping into marriage, women’s working hours remains the same as men, but their time spent on the family is increasing constantly. 

As professional women of “GAOHR”, we shoulder the responsibility of good-looking, make ourselves beautiful and confident. We don’t have to be gentle, and being ambitious is also good. We do not have to be magnanimous, but being uncompromising is really great. We don’t have to be strong women, but we should be rational, intelligent and responsible!   

Today is your festival, GAOHR Group wishes the Goddesses a happy holiday! 


GAOHR Goddesses! Come on! You are the Best! 

An analysis of the mental journey from Anni

Headhunter: Headhunters play the role of “matchmaker” between senior talents and enterprises. No headhunter is born knowing everything, and his ability comes from the accumulation of his work. The advantage of being a new headhunter is to stand on the shoulder of giants, and grow into the back wave that drags down the front wave. 

My perception of headhunting: plan, effort, initiative, opportunity, attitude

1. Plan: Plan is the bridge between goal and action. Without a plan, achieving the goal can often be empty talk. Life without a plan is messy, seems busy but empty. 

2. Effort: It will never fruitful without efforts. 

3. Take the initiative: the project is over there, and if you don’t do it, where is the offer? 

4. Opportunity: There are many opportunities, and don’t be envious of others’ opportunities! Take your opportunity! 

5. Attitude: Attitude determines everything. Adjust your attitude, complain less and be more cheerful! 

You will have bread, and you will have everything if you work hard and take the initiative! Thee are many noblesse oblige in your life who will help you, and actually the real noblesse oblige is yourself! 

Every woman has multiple identities

Mother, wife, daughter, female boss, female colleague

Female classmates, girlfriends, cute girls 

Tough girl, queen…

No matter what kind of identity and gesture

Is the world’s most beautiful color

On this day,

Let your mother

Your wife

Your daughter 

Put down the busy 

Put down the hard work

To say a word to them

“Thanks for your hard work, happy Goddess day!” 



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