Congratulations to the Successful Completion of the Award Ceremony of “Employment and Entrepreneursh

Release date:2020-03-06
【Abstract】On May 24, 2019, as a long-term key social welfare project unit of GAOHR Group, Secretary Liu Xiaosu...

On May 24, 2019, as a long-term key social welfare project unit of GAOHR Group, Secretary Liu Xiaosu of the School of Law and Politics of Huaiyin Normal University and other officials visited GAOHR Group Huaian Branch and attended the award ceremony. 



Based on the principle of mutual benefit and common development,  GAOHR Group reached a talent cultivation agreement with Huaiyin Normal University to strengthen communication and exchange, bring into play the advantages of collaboration, and further strengthen the reserve of outstanding talent resources to jointly build student workstations and talent cultivation base for employment and entrepreneurship internship platform.



Gaowei, general manager of GAOHR, introduced the achievements made by the Huaian Branch of Group since its establishment five years ago, as well as the excellent achievements obtained by the students of the university in our company, elaborated that the company is still in its fast development stage, and hoped that GAOHR can have a deeper cooperation with schools in the future. 


Liu Xiaosu, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Law, Politics and Public Management, delivered a wonderful speech at the meeting. He introduced the running situation of the college. In particular, he focused on recommended and introduced the characteristics of the human resource department related to headhunting industry, the conditions and students and teachers. He proposed the importance and urgency of deepening the cooperation between colleges and enterprises, and particularly emphasized the necessity to study and support the new industry of headhunting. Then, Secretary Liu awarded the honorary title of “employment and entrepreneurship internship base” of Huaiyin Normal University to GAOHR Huaian Branch. 

Later, Zhang Xin, the manager of the company’s Administrative Department, introduced that the company not only supported the academic studies of students at the financial level, but also conducted continuous assisting to students in terms of social practice and career planning counseling under the support of Secretary Sun, Teacher Zhou and Teacher Hong, and recommended 4 students to join the college entrepreneurship team. Tian Wang, the partner and the manager of the 51 Department made a speech as an excellent student in our company


After the conference, the leaders of Huaiyin Normal University visited the display maps of our company’s co-founder profile, development planning and major events. In particular, they praised the stars of GAOHR and brilliant list of honor teams, and deeply recognized the good office environment and the good mental outlook of the employees. 

The cooperation of the training base by GAOHR Group is right the deepening and consolidation of the cooperation mechanism between colleges and enterprises. It provides all-round employment and internship opportunities for college students, and is the embodiment of the college’s “school-enterprise joint cultivating of talents”. On the one hand, it enables colleges and the training partners to cultivate high-quality talents of human resources that are more suitable for the needs of society and enterprises; on the other hand, it enables enterprises to recruit employees who meet the needs of enterprises and promote the development of enterprises. 


Finally, in front of GAOFAN Building, Liu Xiaosu, the representative of Huaiyin Normal University, awarded the card, Gao Wei, General Manager of GAOHR, received the card, which marked the establishment of “Employment and Entrepreneurship Internship Base”, and also marked the successful conclusion of the conference. 

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