“Empowering · 2019” GAOHR Group Executive Training Meeting Came to a Successful Conclusion

In the weekend just past, the “Empowering · 2019” GAOHR Group Executive Training Meeting was held so...


On August 8 in 2019, GAOHR Group announced that GAOHR INTERNATIONAL was officially established in Lo...

“South of Colorful Cloud, Splendid and Extraordinary” – Shanghai GAOHR Group Partner’s Journey to Y

In June 2019, GAOHR partners started a new round of trips without plan. This time, our friends went ...

Congratulations to the Successful Completion of the Award Ceremony of “Employment and Entrepreneursh

On May 24, 2019, as a long-term key social welfare project unit of GAOHR Group, Secretary Liu Xiaosu...

News of Victory: GAOHR Won the Prize of Best Practice Case at the 2019 Asia Pacific HR Expo!

The the 17th Conference on International Exchange of Professonals and 2019 Asia-Pacific Human Resour...

“Working Together for Fifteen Years, Keep Going to Create Brilliant Future” GAOHR 2019 Annual Meetin

Shanghai GAOHR Group 2019 Annual Meeting and the 15th Anniversary Ceremony was successively held in...

Good Luck to the Commencement of GAOHR Group in 2019!

On the seventh day of the first lunar month, it is the first day of starting work. Fellows in GAOHR appeared on the job on time. They all had a great spirit and were ready receive a new round of challenges in 2019.

“Challenge Ourselves · Smelting Teams” 2018 GAOHR Group Expansion Training Ended Successfully

It rained all day and I didn’t know that summer was going, and it was not until the first sunny day ...

“GAOHR Scholarship” Donation Awarding Ceremony

The donation awarding ceremony of “GAOHR Scholarship”, one of key long-term social welfare project o...

Goddess Day on March 8th, Looking Forward to Your Joining to GAOHR Goddess!

In the workplace, women tend to be more stressed than men. They have to give consideration to both t...

GAOHR Won the 2018 Annual “Industry Contribution Award”

“Get Together to Cross Infiniteness” 360 Company Spring Appreciation Ceremony was held on December 20, 2018 at Shanghai Marriott Hotel. In order to thank partners for their support and trust, Shanghai Qiso invited nearly a thousand companies in various industries to cooperate with this great project, and GAOHR was invited to attend.

A Rich Perfume of Osmanthus Blossom, GAOHR Mid-Autumn Festival Activity

There are so many festivals in a year. There is the lively Spring Festival, the solemn Qingming Festival, the happy Children’s Day and the celebratory National, but I love the Mid-Autumn Festival which symbolizes family reunion.

Warm Congratulations on the Successful Holding of the Mid-year Meeting of Shanghai GAOHR GROUP

In the summer where the sun was blazing like a ball of fire and shining fiercely, GAOFAN HR GROUP 2018 Mid-year meeting was held in various parts of the country. Elites of GAOFAN gathered here, and the Group chairman Gavin, Group President Even, General Manager Eric and Business Director Luo Yu and other executive in the group participated in this meeting.

Caring for Employees, GAOHR Organized Employees to Have a Tour to Taiwan and the Northwest

The grass in Yan is just as soft and slender as velvet, and the mulberry leaves in Qin have already been dense enough to bend the branches.” Such an artistic conception can not help but stir the imagination. In order to allow employees to relax and enjoy the scenery of nature after work, GAOHR organized the annual six-day tour for senior executives from branches all over the country. After the democratic vote of the company, the colleagues split up and went to Taiwan and the Northwest.

GAOHR was Invited to Participate in the 15th Anniversary Sports Meeting of Guyi Garden Economic City

It showed the spirit of unity, cooperation, mutual help and striving for progress, the cooperation and collective honor of the staff of GAOHR, and enhanced the team cohesion and teamwork spirit of the staff, so that the staff can not only relax the mood, but also exercise the body outside the work.

The 3rd Badminton Game of GAOHR Ended Perfectly

In order to promote the daily physical exercise of the staff, enhance the staff’s physical quality, carry forward the enterprising spirit of unity, struggle and courage to challenge, the administrative personnel department of the headquarters took the lead to organize all employees in companies all over the country organized to conduct a badminton game on October 22.

Sweet Zongzi in June, Love in GAOFAN

The Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of May lunar calendar. It is also called Duanyang Festival, May Festival and Fifth Day. Before the Spring and Autumn Period, the dragon boat festival was a festival to prevent disease and epidemic disease. Later, due to the patriotic poet Qu Yuan’s death for his motherland to show his high ideals, it evolves to a festival for the Chinese Han people to commemorate Qu Yuan and to remember the high-clean feelings of the Huaxia Nationality.

Affection to Yingshang · Care for Special Children

Yingshang County Social Child Welfare Association, formerly known as “Wang Jiayu Orphanage”, was once the largest private orphanage in China. It was founded in 1994 by a disabled old man named Wang Jiayu. The orphanage mainly adopted some children that have been abandoned by their parents due to cerebral palsy, physical disability, rabbit lips and other physical defects.

A Trip to Nha Trang of Partners of GAOHR Group

Nha Trang, like a quiet and gentle girl, sleeps peacefully on the seashore of Khanh Hoa province in central Vietnam. On one side, it is the towering green mountain, and on the other side, it is the blue sea, dotted with 39 islands, which is like a “wonderland on earth”.

United Efforts to Highlight the Strength of GAOFAN – 2018 GAOHR Group Jincang Lake Spring Outing and

The willow wind in May is warm, which is a good time for spring outing! On May 14, GAOHR Group organized employees to participate in the Jincang Lake Garden Spring Outing activity. The purpose of the spring outing is to let everyone relax in the spring season and avoid stressful work pressure, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm for work and life.

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