Case:CTO of An American-funded Company in Chinese Zone

At the beginning of this year, we were entrusted by an American-funded Company to find a CTO for the Chinese zone. The company is a world-renowned company specialized in network security software development. The position was filled on that time, but the company leaders thought the current manager cannot adapt to the management under the current scale. As a result, it urgently needed a CTO with rich development experience and team management experience.

Through our extensive search, several senior executives from multinational enterprises have expressed interests in this position (may because the reputation of our client). After strict selection and evaluation of candidates according to customer needs, we targeted at a Chinese American CTO working in a British antivirus software company. We contacted with him very smoothly. The candidate is 37 years old. He is proficient in the development of firewall software and team management, and also skilled in the development of antivirus software. At the same time, he has nearly 10 years of experience in development and team management. With a strong sense of enterprise, the candidate also hopes to be able to better reflect and play his value in the world-renowned enterprise, and expects to get a bigger platform. By understanding the candidates from many aspects, we found that the candidate really meet the requirements of the client, so we arranged a meeting between him and our client. They felt like old friends at the first meeting and had a very pleasant conversation. Both parties happen to have the same view on each other’s management philosophy.

The talent was finally identified. However, we are quite worried about the localized adaptation of the airborne talent’s landing. So we provided consulting services to the client, so that they can fully understand the efficient working style of professional managers and cooperate with corporate reforms.

Finally we got high recognition and evaluation of the client. The client was very satisfied with our services and also gave a high recognition to the talent we recommended. Finally, the customer signed a long-term cooperation agreement with out company.

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