Case:Capital Operation CEO

The client of capital operation CEO has very special requirements on us. The candidate is required to be familiar with the capital market both at home and abroad, proficient in capital operation, have good IT industry background, be proficient in new management of modern IT companies, be familiar with financial markets and financial derivatives, and be proficient in on-line transaction of e-commerce, have foreign working background and considerable funding channels, skilled in corporate reorganization, have strong marketing and technical management capabilities, have a good understanding of domestic private enterprises, be able to adapt to complex internal management environments and proficient in mainland management culture.

If searching completely according to the client’s requirement, it cannot say that we can’t find the right person, but will definitely prolong the search time greatly, and there is also the possibility that we may cannot find the appropriate person. Before us, a headhunting company in Beijing and a headhunting company in Hong Kong have done a large amount of work, but the client was not satisfied with the results of their work.

As a result, while we searched through our own network, we communicated with the general manager of the client to weaken some conditions that might have less impact to make this project more operational.

Through our part-time headhunting consultant network and information collector channels, we have obtained 84 general managers or deputy general managers who are partly or totally close to the basic requirements of the client. After the first round of communication by telephone and screening, only 32 people enter the interview process. Through the screening of our experienced headhunting consultants, we selected about 11 candidates for personnel investigation, and then selected 5 candidates for further screening by expert consultants. Finally, we recommended two candidates to the client.
The client feel good about both of them, and finally chose the Chinese American as the CEO of capital operation. In the process of communication between the client and the candidate, we also played a role of bridge, so that both sides can establish basic trust and have in-depth understanding of each other in the shortest possible time/

At present, the candidate we recommended is doing an excellent job, and the client evaluates him: his ability is unexpected.

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