Case:Deputy General Manager of Marketing

Q Company is a famous foundation engineering group company in Shanghai. It has assets of about one billion yuan, and has many years of business cooperation with us.

The company is a family-owned enterprise with complicated internal relationships. Most of the management staff and employees started with nothing to create the company under the leadership of the boss. Their ability and quality are limited, and the boss has to attend to everything personally. The company is in a special industry, and mainly undertakes the subway foundation projects in Shanghai and surrounding cities. These projects have large influences in the society, the processes are professional and complex with long cycle and large object.

To this day, the boss feels that the company has been caught in the bottleneck, especially in marketing and sales. Without breakthroughs, the company will face many crises if it wants to maintain its current industry status. The company hasn’t found the right candidate of marketing director after several searches. Since we have successfully recruited the chief engineer and deputy general manager for the company, out of trust, we began a friend-like frank communication and discussion.

After the analysis on the company’s industry specialty, corporate background, company status, existing market team, and the boss’s own personality traits, as well as the summary of the unsuccessful factors of the position in the past, we gradually had a clear positioning to the “marketing director” position. First of all, the professor is not the necessary condition; second, the candidate shall be 35 to 40 years old, energetic, a Shanghai native with good image and temperament; third, the candidate should have working experience in marketing, sales, public relations and other posts in large and medium-sized enterprises, and extensive social resources and government background; fourth, the candidate should have a strong market planning ability and innovation ability, excellent communication and coordination ability, and should be dedicated, optimistic, brave in challenging, and willing to work under pressure.

After several rounds of screening, the candidate emerged. One day, we got a call from Mr. P who was working as the marketing director at a large Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company. He is a candidate that we have been tracking for two years. I was impressed by Mr. P’s character - he is competitive, ambitious, aggressive and motivated; and he is patient, persevering, careful and enduring. He just happened to be very much in line with the requirements for the marketing director of Q Company. After the positive recommendation and persuasion, Mr. P was officially accepted by Q Company after multiple in-depth communication and interviews with the company.

This is just the beginning of the project.

During the probationary period of half a year, Mr. P and the boss of Q Company have been in close contact with us.

Due to the specificity of the industry and the importance of the post, people who are not professional or have no experience in the industry will not be able to do some great things within less than one or two years. In the past half a year, we have been experiencing and feeling Mr. P’s mental journey. We were deeply moved by his tenacity, persistence, perseverance and competitiveness; and were even more surprised by his strategic and planned work and his unique social style. Although he had a lot of volatile emotions, inner distress and struggle, looking back, he still found it worthwhile. When Mr. P was down in spirit, we share with him the company’s motto: no difficulty, no order! Strive to be better than yesterday today, and be better than today tomorrow! He was very supportive, so we kept encouraging each other.

Although the boss of Q Company is introverted and lacks communication, he appointed Mr. P according to his ability, created a good professional environment for him and gave him full trust and timely encouragement. Even though we and Mr. P have made efforts to the change, we still appreciate and respect such a successful entrepreneur.

Six months later, Mr. P created a small miracle in the industry. His projects won the bid and created profits of nearly million yuan to Q Company. Today, he has been officially promoted to deputy general manager of the group company.

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