Case:Regional Sales Manager of A Sino-Japanese Joint Venture

In March 2005, we was entrusted by a Japanese-funded enterprise to recruit a sales manager in China. Through a lot of search, we finally targeted at two candidates, a lady and a gentleman. The gentleman’s personality and background are more suitable for the company. He is 37 years old, and was serving as the manager of the marketing department of a large private enterprise at that time. He has a full understanding and unique insights into the domestic luxury sales market.

Contacting with the candidate, we found that he is really very excellent and is keen to market insight. He can not only lead the sales team to complete the sales goals well, but also has strong communication skills. He is a standard professional manager. The candidate has been working in the company for 5 years. The development of the company is at a relatively stable stage, and the candidate’s work is not very challenging. As we known, the candidate is a manager who attaches great importance to the sense of achievement, likes constructive work and is eager to reflect his own value in the work. So we analyzed the current status of the client’s company to him, that, the company has very good growth, can provide him with a very broad platform, and has invested a lot in the Chinese market. After many times of communication, the candidate finally agreed to meet with the boss of the client’s company. As the communication and analysis of the two parties were fully conducted in advance, the communication process was smooth, and the two parties reached a cooperation agreement smoothly. It turned out that this candidate was indeed very suitable, and has made great contribution to the client’s company. Besides, the candidate is also very satisfied with his status. He not only has a sense of achievement for his contribution to the company, but also is satisfied with the material reward given by the boss for the recognition of his work.

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