Case:General Manager of a Department Store

At the end of this year, we were entrusted by a well-known local developer of business complex to recruit a general manger for its department store. Our client designated candidates of general manager or deputy general manager level from 8 companies in the same industry. After a week of hard word, our consultant surveyed all the department stores designated by our client, including the organizational structure, the basic information of personnel on the corresponding positions of each target enterprise, etc. The client was shocked when they saw our report, because we can grasp the information that has been troubling their HR department for a long time in such a short period. At the same time, our client also learned about through our report that they originally had higher requirements for the position, because the talents at this level in the industry are basically foreigners whose requirements for salary far exceed the budget. Therefore, we suggested the client to target at the level of regional general managers in their peers’ companies, because talents at this level are experienced and have the Chinese mainland nationality, without cultural differences. In addition, talents at this level are usually at their career bottlenecks since the level above them are foreign executives. The key point is that the salary is also appropriate.

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